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Introducing Hive Five Torte Cake

The Hive Five Torte Cake is a beautiful combination of culinary creativity and artistic skill. It’s a mysterious creation that represents the highest level of sweetness mixed with a variety of flavors, making it a real treat for your senses. The 5 in 1 Torte Cake is an unparalleled masterpiece that blends classic baking with innovative culinary creativity. Torte Cake is more than just a cake; it is an experience, a journey into the realm of sensory indulgence. This Dream Cake is a harmonious composition of five distinct layers, each representing a unique and extraordinary flavour. Each bite of this 5 layer cake leaves an indelible mark, a memory to be cherished, and an inspiration to aspire toward greatness in every endeavour.

Your favourite
Dream cake is here

Hive Torte Cake | Dream Cake

Hive Five Torte 500 G

₹ 850

Your favourite
Torte cake is here

Hive Torte Cake | Dream Cake

Hive Five Torte 1 KG

₹ 1600

Why is the Hive Five Torte Cake so Special..?

Layer 01

A rich and tender chocolate cake with a light and airy texture, perfect for building the foundation of the 5-layer cake.

Layer 02

A creamy and decadent milk chocolate filling, adds a delightful layer of flavour to the cake.

Layer 03

A heavenly, velvety layer of dark chocolate ganache crafted from genuine cacao, enhancing the cake with a luxurious taste.

Layer 04

Meticulously crafted pieces of dark chocolate add a beautiful and crunchy texture to the cake.

Layer 05

A finishing touch of fine cocoa powder is sprinkled atop the cake, intensifying the chocolate flavour and creating an elegant presentation.
Hive Dream Cake
Hive Torte Cake

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5 in 1 Torte Cake :
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The Hive Five Torte cake is currently available in the following locations; Kasaragod, Kannur, Thalassery, Calicut, Ponnani, Thrissur, Kochi, Adoor, Konni, Karunagapallay, Trivandrum and Bangalore.

Yes, we understand the desire of our valued customers to enjoy our delectable creations and we are actively looking to reach new locations. Please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on new locations where you can find the Hive Five Torte cake.

"Unfortunately, we are unable to accept order cancellations for the Hive Five Torte Cake. Our expert bakers start preparing the cake carefully after receiving an order. To ensure you receive the freshest 5 in 1 Torte Cake, we do not keep pre-made cakes in stock. As a result, we are unable to accommodate cancellations once the order is confirmed. We take immense pride in maintaining the highest standards of freshness and quality for our five-layer torte​ cakes using only the finest ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste experience.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore our range of torte cakes. Confident that you will find a torte cake that suits your occasion and brings joy to your celebrations."

Currently, our delivery services are available exclusively in the Kochi area. However, we have made it easy for you to enjoy our delectable dream cake by providing a convenient pick-up option for other locations. You can collect your order from our collection points after three days from the date of placing the order.

We appreciate your interest in partnering with Hive Honey Cake and look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities with you.

What people says..!


"The Hive Five Torte Cake is an absolute delight! Its 5 in 1 torte cake offers a combination of flavors that creates pure magic – rich chocolate layers perfectly complemented by a light and creamy honey-infused frosting. Every bite of this dream cake is like experiencing a symphony of taste in your mouth. Truly a masterpiece and a must-try for any dessert lover!"


I never knew a cake could be so captivating until I tasted the Hive Five Torte Cake. It's not your ordinary dessert; it's an experience. The balance of sweetness from the honey and the decadent 5 layer cake is impeccable. Each slice of this dream cake feels like a celebration. I couldn't resist having more than one piece. Bravo to the baker for creating such a remarkable treat!


"As someone who has always been a fan of honey-based desserts, the Hive Five Torte Cake (5 in 1 torte cake) blew me away! It's the perfect fusion of flavors, with the honey providing a subtle floral note that elevates the entire cake. Moreover, the texture of this dream cake is just right, and its stunning presentation makes it an ideal choice for a dinner party or any special occasion."


I consider myself a cake connoisseur, and the Hive Five Torte Cake (five layer cake) exceeded all my expectations. The layers of this dream cake were moist and tender, and the honey frosting was light and airy. It wasn't overly sweet, which I appreciated, as it allowed the natural flavors of this 5 in 1 torte cake to shine through. The combination of honey and chocolate is simply divine. Kudos to the baker for crafting this exceptional dessert. I'll definitely be ordering this 5 layer cake again!


I recently had the pleasure of trying the Hive Five Torte Cake from Hive Honey Cakes, and it was an experience I will never forget. As a lover of torte cakes, I have tried many different versions from different bakeries, but this one was truly exceptional. The premium ingredients, including the top-quality honey, were evident in every luxuriously moist and tender bite

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